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All information at present web pages provided without / of no type of guarantee. It is likely to contain inaccuracies or press errors.

P.L. AERO FREIGHT , maintains the right to make changes at any time without prior notice. Also , our company can terminate these web pages without warning, notice.

All the above concerns information provided to customers making use of our electronic services that includes indicatively  “Track & Trace” , Timetable of transports  &  the indicative cost of transport (Quotation Request Form – Q.R.F).  Information is based on the details as provided by customer.

Our company reserves the right to modify per all moment the information that is provided via these web pages.  Moreover , the company maintains the right modify at any time all information relative with charges of all our services.

Our company cannot be held responsible for damages, direct or indirect that results from the use or the demonstrated confidence in information that is provided in present or other web pages which potentially connected with present web page. Indicatively included : Each loss, profit  or  by any chance additional charges  or  interruption of enterprising activity  or  loss of programs  or  other data of the informative system of operation – operators  or  any problem of this.

Links in other network places are provided only to service. Our company does not have any kind of responsibility for the content or the use of these web pages.

Our company is not responsible due to appearance of viruses  (worms , Trojans , ….. e.t.c)  or other harmful elements that intrude in web pages , linked web pages &  hence we do not recognize , accept any responsibility.

The contents of present web page are intellectual property of all rights maintained from our company.

Personal data provided to our company via this particular web page are being taken automatically as containing consent on use, on behalf of the company according to law 2472 / 1997.



P.L.  Aero Freight Co. (Liontou Anastasia)

International Freight Forwarders

Address (HQ) :  8, Aeolou street , Varkiza , postal code 166 72  Athens ,  Greece

Vat registration number : EL 056633523

Tax Office :  Glyfada

TEL :  +30. 210 / 9653438